PIP Arbitration

A typical automobile insurance policy in New Jersey offers Collision coverage, Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) benefits, Bodily Injury (“BI”) coverage, and Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist (“UIM/UM”) benefits. BI coverage protects the insured against claims asserted against them by other drivers and passengers injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

PIP benefits are used to pay the insured’s medical expenses. New Jersey is a No-Fault State, which means that one’s own automobile insurance company is primarily responsible for medical bills incurred as the result of a motor vehicle accident regardless of fault. PIP benefits are therefore afforded to the insured directly if he or she is involved in an automobile accident in New Jersey.

PIP benefits are heavily regulated by the State of New Jersey. Consequently, there are often disputes between medical providers and the automobile insurance companies concerning these regulations. PIP Arbitration is a tool used to resolve these disputes amicably.

PIP Arbitrations typically deal with issues such as:

• Medical Necessity
• Causation
• Rates of Reimbursement
• Coverage
• Pre-Certification of Treatment
• Appeals

Insurance companies permit insureds involved in automobile accidents to assign their benefits to medical providers. As a result, the medical providers are able to pursue payment directly with the insurance companies.

Daniel Sloan has handled thousands of PIP cases where insurance has denied payment on behalf of medical providers involved in motor vehicle accident. Over the course of his career, he has recovered over a million dollars in PIP benefits for his clients.


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