In New Jersey, Municipal Courts are used to handle traffic matters, local ordinance violations, disorderly persons and petty disorderly offenses. The municipal prosecutor handles these matters for the State of New Jersey. Convictions in municipal court may lead to a loss of driving privileges, fines, probation and sometimes jail. It is important to speak to an experienced New Jersey Municipal Court Attorney to protect your rights. Often times, these matters can be downgraded to lesser offenses or dismissed outright.

Certain drug offenses, usually marijuana possession and paraphernalia charges, are also handled in municipal court. New Jersey offers first-time offenders a chance to complete a conditional discharge program. Successful completion of the conditional discharge program can result in the dismissal of these drug offenses.

Traffic offenses can have a serious impact on your life and your bank account.

Traffic offense convictions can result in motor vehicle points. Too many points may result in a driver’s license suspension and higher insurance premiums. An experienced New Jersey Municipal Court Lawyer understands that it is very important to use every argument possible to get traffic offenses downgraded to no-point offenses or dismissed to avoid the assessment of motor vehicle points.

Disorderly Persons offenses handled in municipal court include:

Simple Assault
Disorderly Conduct
Underage Drinking
• Harassment
• Public Intoxication

Like the conditional discharge program, New Jersey offers a conditional dismissal program for non-drug disorderly persons offenses and completing it can result in the dismissal of disorderly persons offenses.

Does Municipal Court Handle DUI?

DUI charges are handles by municipal courts in New Jersey.  Driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated charges are extremely serious. New Jersey imposes some of the toughest penalties in the country on those convicted of DUI/DWI. It is important to realize that drivers arrested for DUI/DWI are not permitted to refuse a breathalyzer. Refusing the breathalyzer is also a serious offense. A conviction for refusing to take the breathalyzer will result in harsh penalties. In addition, refusing to take the breathalyzer will not prevent the police from also bringing charges against those suspected of DUI/DWI. Drivers suspected of DUI/DWI can be convicted on the officer’s observations alone.

Daniel Sloan has handled municipal court offenses for the past 10 years in municipal courts throughout New Jersey. He works relentlessly to protect his clients and achieve the best possible results for them.

Mr. Sloan handles municipal court cases in:

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