New Jersey Products Liability Lawyer

In New Jersey, manufacturers must design safe products. If a manufacturer is unable to do so, then the manufacturer must protect the consumer against the part of the product that is dangerous. If the product is inherently dangerous, then a manufacturer must give clear instructions and warnings about how to use the product.

Types of Defective Products

  • Exploding cigarette lighters
  • Unsafe toys
  • Defective tires, air bags and seatbelts
  • Weight lifting machines
  • ATVs
  • Dangerous sporting equipment
  • Lead paint
  • Contaminated food
  • Flammable clothing
  • Faulty tanning beds
  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Medical devices
  • Defective drugs like diet pills like Phen-Fen, Vioxx and Baycol

Types of Products Liability Claims

In general, there are three theories of negligence, breach of warranty or strict liability. Strict liability means that fault does need not be proven at trial. At trial, the plaintiff need only prove that he or she was injured by a defect in the product and that the product was defective when it left the hands of the retailer or manufacturer. In a products liability negligence action, the plaintiff must show that the defect in the product was due to negligence of the manufacturer in addition to the presence of a defect and causation. A breach of warranty occurs when the seller of product violates a promise, real or implied, that the product in safe.

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