New Jersey Construction Accident Lawyer

New Jersey Construction Accident Lawyer

In New Jersey, construction is usually a good thing. An increase in construction is a generally viewed as a positive indicator for a striving economy. While construction may be good for the economy, there are times when people are injured in construction accidents through no fault of their own. Many times, these injuries are catastrophic due to the inherent dangers associated with construction sites. In these times, it is important for the injured worker or the injured bystander and their families be protected. The Sloan Law Firms protects the rights of all injured workers and bystanders that are injured in constructions accidents in New Jersey and seeks to obtain lawful compensation on their behalf.

Types of Construction Accidents

Common construction accidents may include:

• Falling debris/objects
• Electrocution
• Burns
• Failure to provide the necessary fencing
• Falls off scaffolding and roofs
• Falls down shafts; including elevator shafts
• Chemical exposure
• Machinery accidents
• Building collapses
• Forklift negligence
• Crane negligence
• Slip and falls
• Dump truck accidents
• Tractor accidents
• Nail or nail gun accidents
• Welding accidents

Protecting the Injured

It is important to protect the rights of those injured in construction accidents as soon as possible. Evidence such as surveillance footage can be destroyed and can, perhaps, make a case harder to prove later on.

Workers Compensation

Under New Jersey law, those injured in workplace accident are entitled to workers compensation. Workers compensation cases are handled by the workers compensation courts in New Jersey. An injured worker is not allowed to sue their employer or a fellow employee in Superior Court. The Sloan Law Firm handles workers compensation claims in Union County, Morris County, Somerset County, Essex County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County and throughout New Jersey.

Compensation From Third-Parties

New Jersey’s workers compensation laws do not protect other individuals and entities that are not affiliated with the employer from being sued for negligently causing injury. Any contractor that fails to comply with the regulations published by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) which govern workplace safety and causes injury can be held negligent in a court of law in New Jersey. The Sloan Law Firm seeks compensation for those injured in construction accidents throughout New Jersey. For a free consultation concerning a New Jersey construction accident, call (908) 358-2938.