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Government officials have instructed the public in New Jersey to self-isolate during the Coronavirus pandemic and, unfortunately, experts predict a spike in domestic violence cases as a result. The Sloan Law Firm handles domestic violence cases in New Jersey and offers free initial consultations.

Domestic Violence Lawyer in NJ – Free Consultations Available

Domestic violence cases may involve offenses such as assault, harassment, terroristic threats, criminal restraint, stalking, criminal trespass and more. Those that commit domestic violence in New Jersey may be subject to criminal and/or civil penalties.

Criminal penalties for domestic violence offenses vary depending upon the offense but most may involve jail, fines, community service and probation.

Restraining Orders are civil remedies that are available in domestic violence cases. Temporary Restraining Orders are issued first and a Final Restraining Order hearing is handled on a later date.

in order to obtain a Restraining Order:

  • The parties were in a dating relationship at some point;
  • The parties resided together at some point; OR,
  • The parties have a child together.

Those that have standing to file a TRO may then obtain the order if the following factors are presented to the Family Court:

  • An act of domestic violence has occurred – Acts of domestic violence are crimes; including: assault, harassment, stalking, terroristic threats, and more.  
  • Prior history of domestic violence – Many times, a victim must show that there have been previous acts of domestic violence to show the court that there is a course of conduct. However, there are exceptions. When the act that resulted in the filing of the TRO is particularly egregious, the court may decide to issue the TRO
  • The TRO is necessary to protect the victim – This means that a reasonable person in the same situation would be in fear of his or her safety.

Although Restraining Orders are civil in nature, they can have a substantial impact on your life. Restraining Orders can result in fines, limit parenting time, prevent you from owning a firearm, negatively impact employment and more.

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If you have been accused of domestic violence in New Jersey and would like to speak with a domestic violence lawyer, you can reach the Sloan Law Firm at (908) 358-2938. The initial consultation is always free.