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Initial NJ Auto Accident Injury With Lawyer Consult: What to Bring

You have been injured in an auto accident in New Jersey.  You have asked around and found a few personal injury lawyers in the area.  You looked online to see the reviews of these personal injury lawyers and have selected one that you would like to consult with regarding your auto accident.  What should you bring to the initial consultation?

  • Declaration Page: It is very important to bring the declaration page from your auto insurance policy.  This will allow the New Jersey personal injury lawyer that you have selected to advise you on a number of things.  First, the personal injury lawyer will be able to tell you whether you have selected the limitation on lawsuit threshold.  The limitation on lawsuit threshold prevents those injured an auto accident from filing a lawsuit unless the injury falls into one of six categories.  These include: death, dismemberment, significant scarring, loss of a fetus, displaced fracture or permanent injury.  In addition to being able to identify whether the limitation on lawsuit threshold is applicable, the personal injury attorney will be able to advise you as to your coverage limits for medical bills and the amount potentially available to you should the other vehicle involved in the crash be uninsured.
  • Property Damages Photos: Pictures of your car following the accident are very important as well.  It gives the personal injury lawyer some perspective on how the accident happened.  It also allows the personal injury attorney to evaluate the nature and force of the impact.
  • Health Insurance Cards:  Whether you have Medicare, Medicaid, HMO,  or a PPO, it is important to bring your health insurance cards with you to the initial meeting.  Although your auto insurance company is primarily responsible for your medical bills, your health insurer may have already paid some of your medical expenses such as the hospital bill.  If Medicare or Medicaid paid medical bills related to the accident, they will want the money back from the driver that caused the crash.  This is true for some health insurance companies as well.
  • Police Report:  The police report is single most important document in any auto accident case.  The police report may be mailed to you or you may need to pick it up at the police station.  This is perhaps the most important document in any car accident case because it identifies the parties involved in the accident.  It identifies who claimed injury at the scene.  It provides a diagram as to how the accident happened.  It provides the auto insurance information for all of the vehicles involved in the accident.  If the police report is in your possession at the time of the initial consultation, it is extremely helpful to have for the initial consultation.
  • Medical Bills: Bringing the medical bills with you to the initial consultation accomplishes two things.  First, it allows your attorney to see whether it was paid and by whom.  In addition, it allows you attorney to see the name  and address of the doctor or medical facility that you have been treating with.

Any other documentation that you can find is important to bring with you as well but the materials listed above are the most important in any motor vehicle accident case.

The Sloan Law Firm handles auto accident cases in Union County, Morris County, Somerset County, Middlesex County, Essex County and throughout New Jersey.  If you have been injured in a New Jersey auto accident and would to speak with a New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney, call (908) 358-2938.  The initial consultation is always free.

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